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Fury Seasoning | Spicy Garlic Siracha

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Everyone loves the spicy, garlicky goodness of Sriracha so we decided to capture that in an all-purpose seasoning. This isn’t simply dehydrated hot sauce, this is a proprietary blend of premium herbs and spices that we built from scratch to compliment your favourite foods and our Sriracha Hot Sauce. Try this blend as a bbq rub on ribs, pulled pork and sweet corn or as a seasoning on everything from eggs to stir fry. Our Spicy Garlic Sriracha is super versatile with enough sweet garlic to fend off vampires and just enough heat to warm you up without going over the top.

Peppers: Jalapeno

Try with: BBQ, Stir Fry, Soups

Made in Burlington, Ontario

Heat Level: Medium